Boodeful | Conscious living & Spirituality
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Spiritual Awakening

Starting a whole new career and changing one’s life path, might seem a little daunting for a woman in her early 50’s, but not for me. I’m not your average woman, and I happen to be fearless.

Learn How to Self-Actualize


Challenges of awakening over 50


Discover your Boodeful creativity


Exploring what it means to be conscious


Learn to engineer your life


Welcome to the world of meditation


Develop skills to outwit self-deception

Where do I begin?

At the beginning…

I struggled with how I wanted to launch What did I want to blog about? How could I encapsulate and describe the vast amount of growth that Iʼve experienced in the past year? Where should I begin?


I am excited to share my work with you! Check back soon to see more.

Alchemizing Fear into Courage

As a blogger, I look forward to being vulnerable, to serve people, to share my ideas and wisdom. I may fail at this sometimes, but I understand that is when the growth happens. I’m not afraid to try. I’m not afraid to test the waters, even though sharks may be lurking in the form of critics. This is still my journal, and I can put anything I want in it, without fear.