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falling off the consciousness wagon

Falling Off The Consciousness Wagon

There are times, during self-actualiztion, that you will fall off the wagon, so to speak. You will fail, you will resort back to low quality consciousness activities (you will watch TV maybe, or indulge in junk food), you will give in to your base desires. This is a natural and expected part of the process. For myself, Iʼm swimming upstream against 51 years of social conditioning, media orgies and self-indulgence, that is not something that gets easily erased.

Although I have been a hardcore self-actualization junkie for over 18 months now, there are times when I falter. The best part about becoming more conscious, is that you are able to see these behaviors materialize within you briefly, and you are then able to indulge wisely and for a very short period. It’s the wisdom of source energy around us that shines in these situations and enlightens, reawakens us and sets us on the path again.

Slaves to our desires

I no longer live with feelings of regret nor do I punish myself for these indiscretions or distractions. I find that it helps me to have this contrast, the ability to differentiate the high quality from the low quality, which only heightens my awareness and sharpens it further. I am reminded that in this physical manifestation, we are prone to fall prey to our physical and mental desires. I am acutely aware that my chosen distractions feel like home to me, the homeostatic nature of my ego is dependent upon it.

Here are my top 5 tips, for what to do when you fall off the consciousness wagon:
  • Donʼt sweat Be okay with what is, you are on a life long journey and no one is perfect.
  • Meditate afterwards, it is healing and it will help you reconnect with your inner being (who knows better).
  • Journal about it. Writing thoughts and dealing with emotions through writing, is very therapeutic.
  • Take  a nap.  Awaking with a “tabula rasa” mind is helpful to recharge you and reconnect with being.
  • Go out in nature, nature doesnʼt care that you faltered. Again this has huge therapeutic benefits.


No need to beat yourself up or wallow in self-pity. With self- mastery, comes the ability to make the right choices, even when the wrong thing is the right choice at that moment.

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