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How Meditation Rocked My World! Part III


The ability to forgive someone, almost overnight, after weeks of obsessing over them, was miraculous to me! I began watching self-actualization videos, starting with subjects that I thought were most pressing for me; relationships, emotional intelligence, depression, happiness.
This teachers’ concepts really resonated with me. He spoke to me. If he recommended a book, I read it. If he mentioned an influence of his, I researched that person and read their books or watched their videos. If he suggested an exercise, I did it religiously, so that the learning was experiential. I took copious notes, I re-read them and re-wrote them so that it was ingrained in my memory.
I started discussing the concepts with some friends and turning them onto this teacher, too. Before I knew it I was ready for his Foundational videos, the really important ones for significant personal growth. I was already benefiting so much from what I had learned and I eagerly devoured them.
It was here that I learned of spiritual awakening, consciousness, and enlightenment.



 I had always considered myself a rational, scientifically minded person but I also had, what I thought was a spiritual side. I was a practicing Pagan for over 24 years. I studied and practiced Wicca (Witchcraft), wrote and performed seasonal rituals alone and in groups and I worshipped nature. I had read a lot of philosophy, ancient history, psychology, occult literature, and comparative religion, among many other subjects. I thought I had a broad view of the world and believed myself to have a very open mind.
For some reason, I never put it all together. I never understood enlightenment, instead, I committed the pre-rational/post-rational fallacy and erroneously lumped Spirituality under the umbrella of Religion, which I was not a big fan of. So, I never investigated it, I skirted around the subject, cherry-picking the things I was interested in, delving into the metaphysical but not deeply enough.
I canʼt remember exactly what video I was watching when it finally became crystal clear to me, that what I had thought of as “reality” for 51 years, was a complete and utter illusion. Ancient Vedic literature calls it Maya; “an illusion where things appear to be present but are not what they seem.” I discovered that my version of reality had been created in my own mind and had been built through years of social conditioning, modern Western cultural immersion, “standard” education, all forms of media and parental and peer influences.
This was the “Ah-a” moment that literally brought me to my knees.
I now know that Spirituality transcends Religion.



I then started a meditation practice because this teacher highly recommended it. He pretty much insisted that if you were going to self-actualize, you had to install a daily meditation practice. Since all his advice and teaching had produced amazing results for me so far, who was I to argue? I was a neophyte, but my curiosity was certainly piqued, and I was ready to try anything, so I started meditating, daily. 20 minutes at first and building up to about 45 minutes to an hour. I was crap at it, at first, which is normal for a beginner, monkey mind is an insidious tyrant of the mind.  I also started researching meditation techniques, trying different kinds and studying its history and benefits. My practice improved and started to provide me with tremendous health benefits.
I have never stopped since that day in September and thus began my transformation.
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