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Boodeful Wendy Boode Consciousness

How Meditation Rocked My World! Part IV

Meditation rocked my world! It opened my eyes, my heart, my intuition, my mind, my consciousness. I became aware of the very fabric of existence. I became aware of Absolute Truth, (and this Truth is available to every human being, but not to the rational mind). I became aware of everything in the universe that had been hidden to me. I was shell shocked for many weeks, I found myself walking in a daze, looking at everything through new eyes, like a baby again, literally. It was extraordinary.

It took some time to adjust to this new reality I had discovered. I was slowly getting over the depression of having been asleep for 51 years, but once I absorbed it, was able to process what had happened to me, the bliss started to seep in. The happiness started to unfold and ooze out of every pore of my being.

The Light began to emerge and illuminate every aspect of my life. I began to blossom and glow from within, so much so, that people asked me what had happened to me. They said they felt me radiating happiness, they were curious and listened to my story with rapt attention and wanted to know how I achieved this blissful state. It’s ineffable, I repeated again and again, it canʼt really be described, honestly. Sages, mystics, masters and disciples have been trying for thousands of years, and that is the issue, you cannot use language to describe something that exists outside of language. We like to try by saying things like: It is a complete surrender to what is. It is a connection to presence, to everything and nothing all at once. It is all pervasive. It is a direct conduit to source energy, the creation energy, infinite intelligence, the universe. It is unity with the divine. Ultimately, it is very esoteric and words can only point in the direction of it.

I became free

What happened, very thankfully, through the process of self-actualizing, was that every petty little problem or neuroses I had, every difficulty in my life, fell away like a snakesʼ shed skin. Nothing was overwhelming or stressful. Everything was effortless and manageable. I felt free and light and very, very powerful.

As I continued to meditate, I was able to grasp the deep meaning and experience of awakening and explore it further. Every day going deeper within, having more insights, expanding my consciousness to new levels. I had some very profound experiences which I will share with you in future posts. It has been an amazing journey so far, one that I have dedicated the rest of my life to. Self-actualization is a life-long endeavor and one that I truly relish.

A teacher is born

When people ask me now what happened to me, I resist the urge to tell them that I have been spiritually awakened, because they will inevitably commit the same pre-rational/post-rational fallacy that I did. They will not understand what it means because it is very esoteric (difficult to understand).

So now, I just encourage them to meditate, to come to my classes and learn the tool that will transform the rest of their lives. It will reveal to them the secret that is hidden in plain view. It opens the door. It also helps reduce or eliminate a slew of neuroses and health issues, as if it didn’t have enough going for it already.

I have become an iRest Yoga Nidra teacher, having completed my Level I training in California with the master, Dr. Richard Miller from the Integrative Restoration Institute. I am devoting my life to helping others realize the True meaning of reality and to help them expand their consciousness.

Mediation has the power to illuminate and conquer almost whatever ails you, so powerfully adaptive is this practice. Not only do I want to teach people about meditation, but I want to help them self-actualize. I’m becoming an awareness-based Life Coach, which will give me the tools and allow me the freedom to do just that, it’s a responsibility that I take very seriously, and one that I’m very passionate about.

I’m so excited about bringing this information to you and hearing how it has changed your life, because it can….and it will.

I hope you stay tuned and follow me on this journey of self-actualization and the unfurling of this path of discovery, as I plan on manifesting the love and light in so many creative and Boodeful ways.

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