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Meditation and Flow States

When I discovered Meditation in the Summer of 2016, I delved headlong into learning everything I could about it. I wanted to know the neuroscience and mechanisms behind it’s tested benefits. I wanted to learn about the Yogic Philosophy behind it. I wanted to discover the Buddhist’s strong attraction and dedication to it.

I wanted to explore the many diverse and fascinating techniques, and I wanted to savour the experience myself, to have a 100% experiential approach.

Just Start

I began on September 13, 2016 and have not missed a day since. Although not every time I meditate is filled with insight and profound wisdom, it serves to build the foundation for those times when it is most enlightening, most magical and most appreciated. I fell in love with meditation.

In an effort to spread the beauty and simplicity of this ancient practice, I also began study as an iRest Yoga Nidra Teacher-in-training. iRest Yoga Nidra is a beautiful example of a meditation practice that is adaptogenic, it can be adapted to fit any number of situations where mediation can be used a healing modality. Whether you need help relaxing or sleeping, reducing stress and anxiety in your life, or are desiring more focus and clarity, or if you suffer from PTSD or panic attacks. iRest Yoda Nidra Mediation can help. I can hear the skeptic’s saying “it can’t possibly do all that for you!”. Mediation actually CAN do all that for you and it has for centuries, hence its historic record of providing well-being to human beings across all cultures.

How flow works in your brain

If you ever experience flow in what you practice or do, then you know that it’s those neurotransmitters in the brain performing at peak efficiency that provide us with such a feeling of happiness and well being.  This is how I feel when I meditate, and also what meditation has been able to do for me now that I’ve begun to write. My intuition has increased and I can get into flow states more readily. When I tap into that intuition, I can easily and quickly get the thoughts out of my head and into a blog post or a chapter of my book.

I can equate writing with a sort of intellectual stimulus that can feel like a meditative flow state. It is effortless and the words appear before I can even form the thoughts completely. It’s energizing and in a way, feels like I’m sparring with myself. After the first draft I get excited about how can I take those initial words and edit, punch up the language and grammar, work with myself to make it the best it can be. Meditation has sharpened my ability to appreciate flow when it comes, and to tap into it holistically during it’s manifestation, so that I can create lasting benefits.

Words don’t teach, only experience does, so I encourage you to try it out today. I have a free downloadable mp3 with a sample Yoga Nidra meditation. Please enjoy it to help create the experience for you. Only a daily meditation practice will deliver the largest return on your investment, but any amount of meditation is beneficial, so just do what you can. Feel the energy flow into your life.

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