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About Me (but there is no “me”)

Starting a whole new career and changing one’s life path, might seem a little daunting for a woman in her early 50’s, but not for me. I’m not your average woman, and I happen to be fearless. I love to paint, make jewelry, travel, write, be in nature, but all of those things have new meaning since I have had a change of perspective on life. Those things that I always loved doing, I am now pursuing with pure abandon. I am on a path to make what I love to do, my life’s work, because I am so passionate about living my life in a flow state.


A spiritual awakening in my recent past has helped me to reach expansive growth. My consciousness has been raised exponentially, more in the past 3 1/2 years, than in my entire life. I am not who I used to be and I LOVE IT!

This blog is really going to help you if you’ve just become spiritually awakened, or you are curious and want to know what that looks like, exactly. If you are over 50, you will gain even more insight, tips and how-to’s to help you gain more clarity.



My life story, pre and post awakening, on some levels looks very much the same. From the inside, however, I’m a completely different organic, spiritual, manifesting piece of infinity. Before, I was an entrepreneur, a businesswoman, a single Mom, an artist and a designer of Boodeful things. Not exactly the same.


As I continue to self-actualize, I am finding it easier to put into words, and I’m so excited to be able to share this journey with you. Through self-actualization and massive amounts of self-education, I believe I have gained just enough of the vocabulary and a soupçon of personal experience, all l really need to start to explain the wonder and mystery of it. I do not purport to be a scholar, or a teacher, just a driven woman on the path to higher consciousness.


Perhaps because of the recent New Year, I’ve been contemplative about my journey so far. I wanted to share what I’ve learned so I may help others who find themselves where I was just 3 1/2 years ago.

I was unhappy, unsuccessful in relationships, my career was unfulfilling and stressful. I was not satisfied with the status quo, (who said that is what I wanted my life to look like?). I wondered if there was something more to life. I felt a deep sense that there was more and that I was just not understanding how to get it. I was determined to discover the secret, I had a profound sense of wanting to know more, to be smarter, so I could figure it out. I had a deep longing inside but I coudn’t put my finger on what it was exactly.


Then a gift arrived from Leo Gura, one of my spiritual Gurus (although he hates to be called that, so Iʼll call him teacher), although I have to give due credit to myself for starting, because it was the catalyst to everything good that came into my life after that.

That is instilling a daily meditation practice. This one self-actualization technique alone, could change your life. I believe in it so much that I am dedicating the rest of my life to helping others benefit from its enormous power. Since I began, I have spread the technique, like a warm blanket to those I love. I have been astounded and so grateful for all the positive feedback I have received. Knowing that I have touched or changed the life of even one person is thanks enough, a gift back to the universe itself, in return for revealing the mysteries of the cosmos to me and allowing me to tap into infinite intelligence.


I will be forever grateful to Leo for bestowing on me the importance of a meditation practice in consciousness work. I feel truly blessed and so incredibly lucky to have stumbled upon his teachings, opening the door to my consciousness and to all the mystical, metaphysical, scientific and pragmatic sides of spirituality.


The disappearance

My sense of self and ego has been slipping away and the liberation that comes with that is indescribable. It is a freedom I could not have imagined. It is a letting go of any and all things that have ever held me back, made me doubt myself and the world, or got in the way of my dreams. It is a true liberation in every sense of the word, an escape from the prison that is the mind.

It is my aim with this blog to help raise the awareness of those who seek it. I hope to convey and explain how self-actualization, spirituality and consciousness manifest in my life, and the amazing benefits to my personal growth and how they can do the same for your life.


Whisper in a storm

Spirituality is so often misunderstood and those who casually dismiss it, do themselves the greatest disservice. It has immense power that can enlighten and change the world. Unfortunately, for today’s society, there is so much distraction, so much unconsciousness that spirituality has a hard time percolating into the mainstream. It is like trying to hear a whisper in a storm.



My son and I are also planning a grand adventure, we hope you enjoy the travelogue (see our YouTube Channel, coming soon). We are moving from Canada to The Netherlands soon and going to school there. Once in Europe, we plan much more travel and adventure, we are both keen to experience all that life has to offer. I am looking at the world through new eyes, I find it very interesting to be seeing life in a new light. If you enjoy travelogues, you’ll like this. We are both artist’s and will be inspired by all the new surroundings we will discover, you can be sure of that. We will be posting as we go.


I will do my best to engage, entertain and enlighten with this self- actualization journey. I am eager to share the wonders of the past 3 1/2 years with you, and to continue to share as I grow and learn. There are big, Boodeful things on the horizon, a blossoming of infinite creativity.


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